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Vitality for the region

The Prosperos project stimulates the economic development inside the region and outside, by innovation and the sharing of knowledge. The project creates direct and indirect employment opportunities with the companies and knowledge institutions involved. Only in the Euregion Flanders- The Netherlands this amounts to 20 new jobs.

The Prosperos project offers the region:

  1. Better patient care, by developing new orthopedic implants which will improve and accelerate patient recovery
  2. Cutting edge research in the area of patient specific 3D printed implants, anti-inflammatory and bone growth stimulating coatings and new resorbable biomedical materials.
  3. Valorization and employment opportunities, by really applying the newly developed implants in clinical practice and bringing them to market with the companies involved in the project.
  4. New teaching possibilities, considering multiple students will earn their PhD over the course of the project, and the possibility to introduce this new patient specific technology to students from educations such as medicine, health sciences, and biomedical technology.

On April 29th, 2015 the Dutch province of Limburg, together with the Province of Flemish-Brabant signed a Declaration of Intent, in which they expressed the ambition to work together intensely in the field of regenerative medicine. Regenerative medicine is one of the most promising developments within health care, in which the ptaient’s body is stimulated to regenerate damged or removed tissue. New biomaterials, nanotechnology and 3D printing are subjects which form the basis of regenerative medicine.

Through the Prosperos project, the vitality of and in the region are stimulated with the creation of international cooperation in this field.