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Mid term project update Prosperos

The project is currently halfway and the first results are becoming visible
• The first tests with the new metal alloys were successful. They proved that it is possible to manufacture slowly degrading implants, which give the body time to recover and are subsequently removed from the body. Follow up research will have to show how to design and produce these implants. Part of this work was recently published: https://prosperosinterreg.eu/wp-content/uploads/C7TB02445B.pdf
• An important part of the implant development are the numerical simulations, which not only need to simulate the metal degradation in the body, but also the growth of new bone tissue around and into the implant. The first rough simulation models have been developed and are able to predict implant behavior well, although these need to be developed much more to enable new designs.
• A lot have work has been done on developing antimicrobial coatings and a method to apply these coatings onto the implants. This has also led to a recent publication: https://authors.elsevier.com/c/1WWIT_dd~9w35C
In addition, work is being done on bone growth stimulating caotings, combined with antimicrobial ingredients. One of the promising materials for this is silver. An in vivo study on this coating has been done, and the results will be published soon.
• The first animal trials are underway at this moment. Research is being done towards new, 3D printed, patient specific dysplasia prothesis and antimicrobial coatings. The first results are expected in 2019.